Past Prizes


TMC Best Conference Paper Prizes

The Turkish Migration Conference prizes were first presented in 2012 which were sponsored by Migration Letters journal. TMC Prizes are to honour the best papers presented at the Conference. The categories for prizes are as follows:

  • Best Paper Prize
  • Best Paper Prize Runner up
  • Best Student Paper Prize
  • Best Student Paper Prize Runner up
  • Best Paper in Track Prizes (several)

All accepted and registered participants are eligible for the prizes. The selection committee, a sub-committee of the Conference committee supported by ad hoc evaluators, reviews the top scoring finalists at the conference. The committee determines the winner to be announced during the Conference Dinner. Decisions are based on the following five criteria:

  • Originality and new contribution(s)
  • Appropriate methodology well applied
  • Analysis and findings
  • Effective communication of the work

The Prizes for the best conference papers consist of gifts. All winners are also presented with a commemorative certificate and recognition at the conference, usually during the awards ceremony at the Conference Dinner.


Past Winners

In previous conferences, the best paper prizes have been awarded to following researchers.

TMC 2015:

The best paper prize was presented to Maria Six-Hohenbalken, Vienna University, Austria, for her paper titled "Transnational spaces between Dersim and Vienna".

The best paper runner up prize was presented to Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu, Boğaziçi University, Turkey.

The best student paper prize was presented to Filiz Künüroğlu , Tilburg University, Netherlands.

The best student paper runner up prize was presented to Sherene Özyürek, Victoria University, Australia.

The best paper in Turkish prize was presented to Mevhibe Coşar , Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey.

The best paper in Turkish runner up prize was presented to Ayla Kaşoğlu, Gazi University, Turkey.

Lifetime Contribution Award in Turkish Migration Studies was presented to Professor Ayşe Gedik, Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

Prizes in 2015 were generously sponsored by Manisa Celal Bayar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Population and Migration Research Centre, Ria FinancialMigration Letters, and Göç Dergisi.

TMC 2014:

The best paper prize was presented to Steffen Pötzschke for his paper titled "Mobilities of Turkish migrants in Europe".

The best paper runner up prize was presented to Tine Buffel for her paper titled "Experiences of home among first generation Turkish immigrants living in Brussels, Belgium".

The best student paper prize was presented to Alexander Hoogenboom for his paper titled "Turkish Nationals and the Right to Study in the European Union: A Progressive Interpretation".

The best student paper runner up prize was presented to Jörg Hartmann: for his paper titled "Segmentation or Assimilation over the Life Course? Career Mobility of Second Generation Turkish Women in Germany".

Prizes in 2014 were generously sponsored by Ria Financial and Migration Letters.

TMIE 2012:

The best paper prize was awarded to Dr Gülseli Baysu, Kemerburgaz University and Prof Helga de Valk, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute for their paper titled "School trajectories of the second-generation of Turkish immigrants in Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Germany: the role of school systems".

The runner up prize was presented to Dr Isik Kulu Glasgow, Ministry of Security and Justice, The Netherlands, for her paper titled: "Turkish Marriage Migration to the Netherlands: Trends, Policy and Coping Strategies of Turkish Immigrants". which was later published in Migration Letters.

Prizes in 2012 were generously sponsored by Migration Letters.